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We use the data we collect to arrange and administer your membership, including keeping you up to date with any changes to your account or our services. We also use the data we collect for training, quality control, research and analysis. For more information on how we use your data and what your individual rights are please see our full privacy notice. By submitting this enquiry form you are accepting our membership terms and conditions.

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Pay R1089 upfront payment for 1 years membership or R99 per month

CheckerTrader members enjoy the benefits of our extensive marketing campaigns – but what we provide is more than just advertising. The ultimate advantage of joining CheckerTrader is the ability to build your reputation on a public forum.

Once you're a member, potential customers will know that you've been vetted, are happy to be monitored, and have agreed to our Code of Ethics.

Word of mouth is powerful – and our aim at CheckerTrader is to amplify the reviews you receive on a credible, public forum. Your profile enables you to build an authoritative record of your ongoing work, which can be seen by your potential customers. Let your happy customers sell your business for you!

Building a comprehensive and current online presence is essential for the long-term growth of your business. Joining CheckerTrader is a simple way to establish your presence on a trusted online platform.

Plus, you'll enjoy a stream of new enquiries so that you can choose the most enjoyable jobs.

Our vetting process requires that you have a minimum level of experience before you can become a member. CheckerTrader will be an excellent tool for your developing business if you have the qualifications and experience in place. Your profile will help customers to find you, while you build your credibility on a trusted public forum.

CheckerTrader is available to contractors across the whole of South Africa.

If you're one of the first CheckerTrader members in your area, you can enjoy the unique advantage that this will give you over your competitors!

One of our trained CheckerTrader team will contact you via phone to assess your suitability to become a member.

Then they will visit you at your home or work to conduct a face to face interview

We complete the following checks:

  • Identification: Original valid photo ID document.
  • Residence: Utility bill or other proof of residence
  • Qualifications and accreditations: Original documents or registration numbers required.
  • Insurance: Proof that you have a current, valid public liability policy.
  • References: We will contact five references provided by you to discuss their experience of working with you. These references will form the basis of your profile on CheckerTrader.
  • Code of Conduct: We will ask you to read and agree to the terms of our Code of Ethics.
  • Company legal status.

Your customers will monitor you on an ongoing basis because they are in the best position to provide feedback on your workmanship and service levels.

We collect feedback from customers on the completion of work using our simple online tool.

We don't ever publish the customer's name and address but require them to provide that information to us, because we don't publish anonymous reviews.

We spot-check an average of 40% of reviews, to protect members from anti-competitive behaviour.

If we receive a review with a score below five, one of our CheckerTrader team will contact you before it is published on your profile.

We have two payment options for you to choose from:

  • 1 x annual payment of R1,089
  • 12 x monthly payments of R99

Keep in mind the value that you will receive by becoming a member.

You'll be able to show your potential customers:

  • That you are who you say you are.
  • That you are qualified (if applicable).
  • That you can prove your reputation.
  • That you’re happy to be held accountable for your work.

As you can see, this is nothing like being listed in a standard directory.

We want to be as flexible as possible, so we have an affordable monthly plan that allows you to pay for your membership in 12 monthly instalments of R99 per month. There is no contract so that you can leave at any time.

To find out more, complete the online form here or email us at info@checkertrader.co.za. One of our team will be in touch soon.

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